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QAPIplus allows safer patient care through predictive analysis and business intelligence at low cost and increased value. Several automated applications can easily and quickly be implemented within this program using predictive analytics and business intelligence.

QAPIplus is an innovative Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement software that provides comprehensive solutions to the home health and hospice industry. Our data-driven quality management tool guides the way for outcome-based continuous quality improvement and data driven clinical decision making. This leads to improved patient care and safety while achieving state and federal regulatory compliance. Paper-based data and documentation become fully digitized and consolidated with our cloud-based homecare management software.

QAPIplus enables continuous improvement of quality and compliance including but not limited to the QAPI, Infection Control, Emergency Plan Management, Governing Board meeting management and volunteer and bereavement programs. Costly, space consuming paper trails are conveniently replaced with this electronic solution. Patient safety data is documented and shared in real time by keeping all documents in a centralized location that is easily searchable, shareable and viewable by all clinical care providers and clinical decision makers. Our software allows organizations to be survey ready at all times. Using data analytics and business intelligence, the program replaces manual data mining in order to achieve excellence in safe patient care and compliance.


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Data Driven Patient Care Quality Improvement
Real-time Analysis and trending of Collected Data
Cost and time of maintaining regulatory compliance
Survey ready at all times
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Our Program

Accelerate compliance and elevate quality across the organization using QAPIplus
The QAPIplus platform replaces manual data-mining with accurate data analytics and business intelligence as it provides organizations with a clear, ongoing survey-ready status.
Subsequently, both safe patient care and compliance with all regulations are drastically improved.
Expert solutions to manage compliance
By offering a data-driven quality management tool, QAPIPLUS guides the way for outcome-based clinical decision making. Leading to a continuous survey ready state through improved patient care and safety while achieving State and Federal regulatory compliance.
Decreased time with electronic solutions
Through the use of automated data analysis, an organization can save a lot of time.  Once data is inputted into QAPIplus, quarterly QAPI reports are automatically generated.  Once QAPI reports are generated, the program has the power to automatically compare the QAPI results to agency stated goals and identify areas of improvement with potential Performance Improvement Projects. This leads to improved clinical decision making through the use of agency data.
Decrease workload and improve employee satisfaction with the use of a software
Use of automated data analytics can decrease the burden of manual data analysis, therefore, allowing employees to spend more time to improve patient care quality measures by automating critical quality processes in a single end-to-end solution.
Decreased cost of compliance
By shifting from the costly and timely paper-based documentation into digital format, QAPIPLUS not only frees up space and storage, but through a cloud-based management software it also consolidates faster and easier access to data.
Minimize risk and uncertainty
QAPIplus allows organizations to have full control of their quality data. QAPIplus allows organizations to easily document and share real time patient safety data across all care providers.  Documents are kept in a centralized location that's easily searchable, shareable and viewable by all clinical care providers and clinical decision makers. The platform provides maximum flexibility and is configurable to each organizations’ unique care management needs.


Electronic Solution to compliance with Administrative Data Management
Training and support — Including COVID19 Training and Planning
Clinical and human resource chart audits and feedback to agency leadership
Management of QAPI program including: QAPI plan, quarterly reports, QAPI meeting minutes, and Performance Improvement Projects
Management of Emergency Program including: Emergency plan, chain of command, annual drills, and hazard vulnerability assessment
Management of Infection Control Program including: Infection control plan, infection control risk assessment, Flu Program, and Hand Hygiene Program
For Hospice Organizations, Volunteer and Bereavement Programs, including automated volunteer cost savings
Annual Program Evaluation, Organizational Chart, Budget and Governing Board Meeting Minutes
Monthly Staff In-Service
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